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12 March 2014 @ 11:43 pm
Those Trainee Days [1/3].  
Title: Those Trainee Days
Pairings: Taohun/Setao, Kaisoo, Baekyeol
Main Characters: Sehun, Zitao, Jongin, Kyungsoo, Baekhyun, Chanyeol
Special Guest in This Chapter: Taemin of SHINee
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Drama, Romance
Chapters: 1/3
Word Count: 5,344

Summary: Everyone has a story to tell, but all stories are different. Oh Sehun wasn't sure if he made the right decision to sign a contract with the most richest entertainment company in South Korea, S.M Entertainment. He was able to get upset, frustrated and depressed as a trainee. He could cry, laugh, and smile. But now, as Sehun tells his story, he is unable to laugh or smile. He can only feel regret.

Those Trainee Days [1/3]

Sehun used his shoulder to push himself through the double doors of the S.M. Entertainment building, hands full with luggage and carry on bags. He wasn't really expecting anyone to greet him when he got inside. Lee Soo Man, the founder, and what seemed to be a few members of his staff gave Sehun a warm welcome. The thirteen year old boy used his free hand to shake with Lee Soo Mans.

"It's good to see you again, Mr. Oh." He said, hand signaling the staff behind him to take Sehun's belongings.

"Yes." Sehun responded with a shy smile, but the braces on his teeth were still able to be seen. He bowed at a 90 degree angle.

This was what he wanted. After going through four auditions in the past two years, he finally got into one of the top three music entertainment companies. He couldn't turn back. Not now. He worked hard to get here. His parents told him that he wouldn't make it this far. They told him, even begged him, to stop trying because him trying wasted their money and his time. They supported him when it came to dancing. They didn't support him when it came to dancing for a Korean Pop group. He knew that if he thought about them and their words of discouragement then he would start to cry.

Yifan, Jongdae, Yixing, Joonmyun, and Chanyeol were the first few people Lee Soo Man introduced Sehun to. Lee Soo Man specifically told him that they were going to be the ones debuting at the same time as him so he might as well get friendly with them. The five of them were too busy going over their lesson with their instructor. The only person that actually stopped their lesson to come up and greet Sehun was Joonmyun. The sixteen year old boy gave Sehun his name and slightly bowed towards him, but that was all. They didn't really have time for small talk.

Luhan and Minseok were the next two Lee Soo Man introduced Sehun to. The two were too busy playing cards to notice Sehun. Minseok was the first one to look up while it took Luhan a while to do the same. But when Luhan looked up from his four deck of cards, his and Sehun's eyes met. They locked right onto each other and at that moment, Sehun could feel his heart stop. He didn't know what it was, but something about Luhan seemed interesting to him. Maybe it was the shape of his eyes or the curve in his lips when he smiled at him. Whatever it was was frustrating the hell out of Sehun already. He looked down at his shoes in embarrassment. He could feel his cheeks turning red, yet he didn't know the reason why. He didn't know why his face was tingling or why his heart was beating louder than usual.

Lee Soo Man guided Sehun to a practice room at the end of the hallway where Sehun spotted a wide eye'd boy sitting on the wooden floors and up against the mirrors, chin resting along his knees. His name was Do Kyungsoo and all his attention was on Kim Jongin, a bronze skinned boy. Kim Jongin was spinning on the tip of his bare toes and twirling on his bare heels. The wide eye'd boy was fascinated by the others feet. He was fascinated by how his knees would bend and how his bangs would accidentally fall in front of his eyes. The way Kyungsoo stared at Kim Jongin was how a puppy would stare at their doggy treat, eyes glistening and mouth salivating. Of course Kyungsoo wasn't salivating, but Sehun liked to think so.

Soo Man didn't want to disturb. He had to wait for the perfect time to interrupt. "You two, come out. I want you to meet someone real quick." He eventually got the chance to say.

Jongin was startled by the older mans voice. He completely missed a step and lost all balance. He fell forward, almost forgetting to catch himself. His body made impact with the floor, and all the weight and pressure went to his waist.

A small gasp escaped from Sehun and he had no control over it. It just came out of no where, surprising himself. Kyungsoo quickly got up just to rush over to Jongin. He tried to give Jongin a hand, but he kept rejecting. The kid looked like he was in a lot of pain. He tried not to show it so much on the face, but it was a bit too obvious for Sehun. It was a bit too obvious for Kyungsoo as well.

"I can do it." Jongin kept on saying. "I can get up by myself. I don't need your help."

Sehun studied the look on Do Kyungsoos face. The boys wide eyes weren't so wide anymore. He could see that they saddened. Kyungsoo looked completely hopeless and Jongin just looked completely helpless. Jongin took a hold of Kyungsoo's hand when he realized he could barely get up by himself.

"Well, I guess you can introduce yourself to them another time." Lee Soo Man said to Sehun as he grabbed him by the shoulders. It was like he didn't care about the injured Jongin or the worried Kyungsoo. He started to shove Sehun away from the practice room. "I'll show you the room that you're going to be sleeping in."

Sehun couldn't help but look back one more time. He didn't want to introduce himself to them later. He wanted to be introduced to them now. He wasn't sure if he would have the confidence to do it later. Soo Man took the elevator up to the third floor with Sehun. They passed two rooms to get to the room he was looking for.

"Aha!" Soo Man let out as he slowly opened the door. "This will be your room."

Sehun took a peek inside. The room was extremely small and it was hard to see because there were no lights. The only light present was the light coming through the blinded windows. There were two beds and one dresser. There was no TV that Sehun could watch or play video games on, no pictures on the walls or mirrors, and no bathroom; only beds and one dresser. Sehun's childhood was literally being stripped away from him. He couldn't possibly think of anything fun to do in this tiny room besides sleep. Sleeping wasn't even fun. He wondered how this room was going to be able to fit two people. There was barely any space to walk around.

"W-will I be sharing this room with someone?" Sehun was afraid to ask but got out eventually. He was hoping he could have the room to himself and that extra bed was only a decoration.

"Yes. You're sharing this room with Luhan." Soo Man said. He could literally see the color drain from Sehun's face, but he tried his best to ignore it. "If you have any questions or concerns, come find me. Lunch will be served in two hours but starting tomorrow, you have to go out and buy your own breakfast and lunch. Dinner is always served on the fifth floor. Your dance instructor is Joey Kang. His lesson starts forty-five minutes after your free lunch today. Don't be late."

Sehun nodded his head in agreement. The only thing he didn't agree on was sharing a room with Luhan.

"How old are you again?" Soo Man asked him.


"Okay, so you're still in school?"


"Okay. Don't go to school until I figure out a way to fit school into your schedule." He patted Sehun on the head before abandoning him in front of his new room.

Sehun smiled big then closed the door from behind. This was way better than living under the rules of his parents and having to go to school every single day. Minus not being able to watch TV, play videos, or surf the internet, everything else seemed like a dream come true. Sehun could go to school whenever he felt like it. He could skip school for practice instead.

He shoved his luggage and carry on bags up against the dresser then threw himself on top of his bed. He wanted to bury himself in his blankets and roll around in them all day. He glanced at the bed adjacent from his. That bed belonged to Luhan, the boy with perfectly shaped eyes and lips. He was the boy that ditched his game of cards just to give a quick look at Oh Sehun. He was the boy that made Sehun turn red. Sehun wasn't quite sure if sharing a room with someone that made his body feel and do strange things was a good thing or a bad thing.

He kicked the covers off himself and walked over to Luhan's bed, fingers carefully tracing over the threading on his blankets. He noticed a stuffed giraffe tucked comfortably in between two pillows. Sehun was starting to regret not bringing his own stuffed animal to sleep with. He walked over to the dresser and started opening every drawer. All of Luhans clothes were in the bottom drawer and his briefs were neatly folded in the top drawer. Sehun had no space to put his clothes. In order for him to store his clothes, one of the drawers needed to be emptied. He picked up one of Luhan's underwear, green frogs printed all over. He couldn't help himself. He had to laugh at how childish the boy's underwear was. He was one hundred percent certain Luhan was older than him.

Sehun was too busy laughing. He didn't hear the door open and it took him a while to notice a red faced Luhan standing in the middle of the doorway. Sehun glanced down at his hands. He was still holding the other boy's underwear.

"What the hell are you doing with that!?" Luhan screamed. It was Sehun's first time hearing his voice. He at least wanted a proper hello from Luhan, but he knew that was going to be impossible to get from him.

"I-I uh..." Sehun smiled innocently as he sneakingly hid the underwear behind his back. "This is not what it looks like, I swear!"

Luhan came marching towards Sehun, and Sehun swore there was smoke steaming out from the boy's red ears. Sehun took a step back, but Luhan kept getting closer. He snatched his underwear, covered in frogs, out from behind Sehun's back. Luhan raised his hand in the air. Sehun knew what was coming but for some reason, he didn't dodge the smack in the face. He wasn't able to cry in pain because he couldn't get over the fact that Luhan hit like a complete girl.

"I'm not sharing a room with a pervert like you!" Luhan beamed at him, almost spitting in his face.

"This is all just a misundersta--" Sehun couldn't even explain the situation. The red faced boy kept cutting him off. Luhan just had bad timing and all Sehun wanted was a place to put his clothes. He didn't want to argue. He didn't want to be the pervert. He wasn't the pervert. Luhan had it all wrong.

"What's next, huh?" He got all up in Sehun's face. "Are you going to sniff them, too? Or did you already do that while I was gone?"

Oh my god. What type of assumption was this? Sehun really wanted to know. He looked at Luhan in disgust. "S-Sniff them? Ew, no! Now, why would I do that? Who do you think I am?"

"I think you're a sick pervert. That is what you are! You should be locked behind the bars."

"But I'm not a pervert!" Sehun felt like he was arguing with his mother. He wasn't going to win this. His first impression towards Luhan was now gone. He didn't like the boy's personality at all. Not even a single bit. The only thing Luhan had was his looks, perfectly shaped eyes and lips. Sehun lost all interest in him. Luhan made him feel sick. There was no way in hell he was going to share a room with him now. "You got this all wrong!" Sehun still tried to convince, but was there really a point? No matter how many times he told Luhan that he got the wrong idea, he continued to block Sehun out with his ears. He wouldn't stop yelling. He wouldn't shut up.

"Um, no. No! No! You're a sick pervert," He turned towards the door. "And I wont tolerate this."

"Wait, where are you going?"

"I'm going to tell on you to Soo Man!" Luhan ran out the door, underwear in hand. Sehun tried to chase after him but by the time he stepped out into the hallway, Luhan was nowhere to be seen.

Sehun leaned up against his bedroom wall and buried his face in his hands. Living under his parents rules and house seemed not so bad after all. Sharing a room with Luhan and thinking he would get along with him was no where close to coming true. His body didn't feel strange around him anymore. His heart was beating louder than usual again, and he knew why this time. It wasn't because he liked Luhan but because he was upset with him.

* * *

Sehun sat all by himself at lunch. No one asked to sit with him. No one came over to his empty table to talk to him. Everybody knew each other. Chanyeol, Joonmyun and Jongdae were sitting with each other at their own table. Trainees that weren't debuting at the same time as Sehun grouped two big tables in one corner of the dining area and ate with each other. Sehun felt like he was repeating the sixth grade all over again. Kyungsoo and Jongin were also eating together at a table until Taemin joined and sat right in between the two. He watched as Kyungsoo picked up some rice and chicken with his chopsticks and fed Jongin. To Oh Sehun, it looked like the two were on a date and Taemin was either their third wheeler or a cock blocker, ruining perfect moments. There was always that one random person that liked to ruin those rare and perfect moments.

Luhan and his group of friends kept looking back at Sehun and his lonely table. They wouldn't stop snickering, and Sehun didn't have to take a lucky guess that they were talking about him. He knew they were talking bad and making fun. He continued to eat out from his bowl of sticky, white rice and bulgolgi and tried his best not to listen. However, it was a bit of a struggle for him because they were talking too loud. They were literally shouting Sehun's name and making jokes just so he would be aware. Sehun was aware. He could hear them loud and clear. And now, it really was sixth grade all over again.

He wasn't paying attention when the group of boys left their seats and came over to his table. One of them knocked over Sehun's cup of juice, some stained his shirt and some spilled itself on the wooden floor. He looked up in shock. He could feel the juice sink through his shirts thin fabric.

"You can go on ahead and lick that off the floor, you pervert." The boy said, smacking Sehun up side the head.

"Yeah, you underwear sniffer!" Another one went along.

"You might as well get on your knees and eat this off the floor, too." Luhan suggested. Sehun wasn't quite sure what Luhan meant until he watched his bowl of rice get whacked off the table. The glass bowl smashed into the wall and crumpled into little pieces, creating a huge mess on the floor. "I mean, you have to get used to eating off the floor anyway. That's what you'll be doing once sick perverts like you get thrown in jail and rot."

Sehun blinked back his tears. Luhan, for some odd reason, found what he said funny and started laughing. His friends started laughing with him, but Sehun could tell their laughs were forced. He got smacked upside the head but this time, it was Luhan that did the smacking. He kicked Sehun's cup of spilled juice even further away before walking off, friends following him from behind.

Sehun was on the verge of crying but held it back. He stole a napkin from his table, pulled his legs over his chair and got on his knees. He wasn't going to eat off the floor. He wasn't going to lick anything off the floor, either. Instead, he started cleaning up the spilled juice. He watched the napkins soak up the liquid and at the same time, his eyes were filling with tears. Some of his juice was stuck in between cracks of the wooden floor, so he wasn't able to get it all. He was doing the best that he could. He still tried, though. The more he tried, the more he failed and the more he failed, the more frustrated he became. Tears rolled down his cheeks and all he could do was laugh. He laughed to himself because he felt pathetic. He couldn't believe he was crying over spilled juice. For a while, he thought he was crying over that, but it hit him hard when he figured out that the juice wasn't the problem; Luhan's words were.

Sehun felt a hand brush against his. He glanced up to see wide eye'd Kyungsoo with more napkins. Sehun started wiping away at his face, but there was no need to. Kyungsoo already knew he was crying. They didn't say a word to each other for a while.

"You saw that?" Sehun started. There was still a hint of hoarseness in his voice.

"Yeah." Kyungsoo slightly nodded his head. "I saw and heard it all. Luhan and his friends are complete assholes."

Sehun was a little bit surprised by Kyungsoo's language. He thought the boy was too innocent and sweet to use bad words. Kyungsoo asked Sehun if he could have his dirty, damp napkins and Sehun handed them over to him. He got up from the floor and threw them out while Sehun moved onto the broken glass bowl and spilled sticky rice. Kyungsoo came back with more napkins. The two eventually went from napkins to sweeping. Kyungsoo got a hold of a broom and Sehun stayed on his knees. Soon, Kyungsoo started hearing strange sounds from the other boy. He glanced down at Sehun to see that he was shaking.

"Why are you crying?" He asked.

Sehun lifted his palm up to Kyungsoo, and that was when he saw the blood on the others hand. He ditched his broom and dropped down to his knees, next to Sehun. Blood was dripping from his hand. At first, Kyungsoo didn't know the reason behind it but then the thought of cleaning up shattered glass came to mind.

"You always have to be careful when cleaning up glass." He said, reaching into his pants pocket and pulling out a Pororo band-aid. He placed his hand on the back of Sehun's and lifted Sehun's palm close to his face. "Getting injured by glass can cause serious pain and infections."

Sehun raised an eyebrow. He wondered why Kyungsoo carried band-aids, specifically Pororo ones, in his pocket. Was this kid a boy scout? "Do you always have band-aids randomly chilling in your pants?"

"Excuse me?"

"In your pants pocket." Sehun corrected himself. "'Cause that's such a random thing to have."

"I use these band-aids on Jongin." Kyungsoo said, and Sehun could hear the difference in the tone of his voice once Jongin's name was said. Just having Jongin's name fly off Kyungsoo's tongue made him excited. "He gets hurt most of the time. So, just think of me as his mom. I'm always there when he needs me to take care of him."

"Is that so?"

"Yep." Kyungsoo had a really cheesy smirk on his face. "He really likes Pororo and he likes it when I use these band-aids on him. I hope he doesn't mind too much that I'm using one on you..."

Sehun didn't believe any of this. "By chance, do you like Jongin?"

"Of course!" Kyungsoo said, giggling. The boy was clueless. He didn't have a single clue as to where Sehun was going with this.

"I mean like like him." Sehun accidentally blurted out.



"What did you say?"

"I didn't say anything." Sehun lied because he wanted to take it back.

Kyungsoo carefully removed the piece of glass out from Sehun's palm. More blood started to drip out and Kyungsoo had to place the band-aid on the open wound right away. Sehun could barely feel any pain once the band-aid was on.

"Wow, are you a doctor?"

"I can be anything you want me to be." Kyungsoo smiled at Sehun and Sehun smiled back, wired braces fully visible. "Here, you use the broom to sweep and I'll pick up the glass with napkins."

The two switched places.

"Do you want to sit with me and my friends?" Kyungsoo had asked Sehun right after they were done cleaning. "Actually, I never got your name."

That was right. Sehun never gave Kyungsoo his name, "Sehun." He said. "My name is Oh Sehun."

"Hi, Sehun. My name is Do Kyungsoo. You were the boy that showed up at the practice room with Lee Soo Man, right?"


"Okay. I thought so." Kyungsoo took a hold of Sehun's wrist and started to drag him back to his table. "I'm sorry about early today. Lee Soo Man wasn't able to introduce you to Jongin and I properly. It's all Jongin's fault. He gets startled so easily. Like, anything will freak him out."

Sehun started laughing.

Jongin and Taemin looked up from their plates of food. Taemin waved at Oh Sehun while Jongin could only smile big.

"And who is this handsome fella?" Taemin wanted to know.

"Guys, meet my new friend Sehun." Kyungsoo cheered. Sehun looked at Kyungsoo like he was crazy. Friend? He was already calling Sehun his friend. Sehun thought it was a bit too early for this. "Sehun, meet my friends Jongin and Taemin."

"Hi." Jongin said, shy laughter afterwards. He looked away in embarrassment. He didn't look like the shy type. Sehun thought he would be the talkative and confident type. But Sehun thought Jongin being shy was way cuter. Kyungsoo sat Sehun down right next to him.

"I've never seen Luhan this mean to someone before, especially someone who just entered the company." Kyungsoo started again. Sehun rolled his eyes. Just when the thought of Luhan and all his worries were gone, Kyungsoo had to bring his name back up again. He didn't want to hear it.

"Luhan? The Chinese kid?" Taemin raised an eyebrow as he took a sip from his cup of juice. "That Luhan?"

"Yeah. Did you not see what went down between him and my new friend Sehun fifteen minutes ago?" Kyungsoo gasped. "Are you blind? Luhan was being a total asshole and bullying Sehun!"

"Bullying?" Taemin burst out in laughter, almost choking on his juice. "Oh my God, wait. Did you say bullying? Luhan, a girly looking Chinese boy, was bullying Sehun, a handsome looking Korean boy? That is not right. It should be the other way around. I'm sorry Sehun, but where is your pride? He is Chinese for goodness sake!"

Jongin picked up Taemin's chopsticks and shoved them in his friends mouth. "If you don't shut up--"

"Maybe Luhan likes you, Sehun." Kyungsoo stated.

Sehun looked at him like he was crazy...again. "What?"

"Yeah. When someone is extra mean to the other, there is a possibility that that someone likes them."

"You can't just assume every trainee is gay, Kyungsoo." Taemin said, and Jongin shoved the chopsticks back in his friends mouth.

"Shut up, why won't you!?" Jongin cried.

"Luhan...liking me?" Sehun thought out loud. He couldn't help but laugh. There was no way. "Yeah, no. I highly doubt it. He caught me sniffing his underwear today."

The whole table turned towards Sehun. "WHAT!?"

"No...No, I...I wasn't actually sniffing his underwear. I was trying to remove all his underwear out from his drawer because I needed a place to put my clothes. He came in and caught me at the wrong time."

"But you were sniffing his underwear..." Taemin reminded him.

"I wasn't sniffing. I was just holding it in my hands and then he automatically started assuming."

"Yeah, the kid is an asshole. That's all I got to say." Kyungsoo said.

"That must suck that you have to room with him." Taemin reached behind Kyungsoo to pat Sehun on the shoulder. "I feel bad. It must suck sharing a room with him. I mean, he's a huge butt face, probably homophobic, thinks he's better than everyone else, a bully, and judgmental. My prayers go out to you."

Jongin had the look of a killer on his face. He was ready to stab Taemin in the eyes with some chopsticks.

Sehun shook his head. "Todays my first day. I haven't really shared a room with him yet. I'll tell you how it goes after tonight."

"He'll probably strangle you in your sleep." Taemin joked. He was the only one laughing. "Nah, don't worry. Luhan doesn't look scary. He isn't scary, either. I can probably poke him in the arm and he'll start crying like a baby."

"Why do you think he hates me?" Sehun asked to no one in particular.

"Because you set a bad first impression on him. Well, he just jumped into conclusions so basically, he ruined your first impression to him on his own." Jongin said. Wise words from him.

"Because it's the act of love." Kyungsoo contributed. "He doesn't hate you. He acts like he hates you to cover up that he really likes you."

"Because he's Chinese." Taemin snickered. "He's Chinese and you're Korean. You have a lot of advantages. Korea is better than China, duh! The answer is so obvious."

"Can you shut up already, God Damn!" Jongin jammed his chopsticks into Taemins ribs. "Can you quit it with the racism. What is this?"

Sehun shook his head in disbelief. He didn't think any of their guesses were correct.

* * *

Luhan punched Sehun in the jaw multiple times as three of his friends held him down. He got shoved into the brick walls and then pushed to the ground. Two friends pinned his arms down. They twisted his wrists so far back that Sehun could swear he heard them crack at least three times. If they twisted his wrists back any further then he was sure they were going to snap. His hands would fall off. The last friend had him pinned down by the legs, squeezing his ankles until they popped.  He hadn't felt this much pain in a long time. Blood stained his lips and stained his shirt. He already had a stain from his cup of juice. Now there was another stain, except this one wasn't going to come off easily.

Luhan dug the tip of his shoe into Sehun's ribs. Luhan spat on him, cursed him, and even bit him. Sehun couldn't fight back. He didn't want to stoop down to Luhan's level. He wasn't Luhan and he didn't want to become a Luhan. He had a hard time getting off the ground because his friends wouldn't let him go.

"Let me go!" Sehun screamed, voice cracking. He was going to be late for his first dance practice. "Stop!"

Luhan stomped down on Sehun's stomach. He could feel his lunch rising up. He tried to hold it in.

"Why!? Why should I stop!?" Luhan wanted to know. He placed his foot in between Sehun's legs. "Why would I? I hate you!"

"What did I ever do to you!?"

"You sniffed my underwear!"

"I didn't sniff your underwear!" Sehun was literally scared for his life. The last thing he wanted was to get kicked in the balls. "I was trying to empty out your drawer!"

"No! You sniffed my froggy underwear! And now it's time to pay the price!" He raised his foot in the air. "I don't care. Whether you sniffed my froggy underwear or not, you're still disgusting!"

Luhan's friends started chuckling. He admitted that he wore froggy underwear.

"Should I beat all of you up, too!?" He threatened them, and they all kept quiet. He turned his attention back to Sehun. "Perverts like you should be taught a lesson! Perverts like you should be in jail! Perverts like you should rot and die in jail! You're a sick pervert! You shouldn't be here. Would you rather die by me or die in prison?"

Sehun couldn't answer. He was bawling. "I-I didn't even do anything to you." He tried to say in between huffs and puffs.

Luhan kicked Sehun in the balls five times, but it felt like five thousand times to Sehun. He groaned in pain. He didn't think things could get any worse than this.

"You were born, that is what you did to me!" Luhan said in between kicks. "Now, I hope you wont make more babies 'cause that would be a huge mistake on your part." He pressed the bottom of his shoe up against Sehun's left cheek. Nothing was said for a while but when something was said, Chinese was being spoken. Luhan was speaking Chinese. Sehun couldn't tell whether he was talking to him or to his friends. He couldn't understand a single word. The kid talked too fast and the only language Sehun knew was Korean.

"What should I do with you? Hmm..." Luhan said, he kept switching back and forth between Chinese and Korean. Sehun could only understand what he was saying in parts. "Should...him...off easy...first day...underwear...pervert..."

Tears were getting in the way. It was hard for Sehun to see, but he could still see the smirk on Luhan's face. Luhan looked down at Sehun. He opened his mouth, and Sehun honestly thought he had something to say. But instead, Luhan opened his mouth only to spit on him.

* * *

Sehun showed up late to his first dance practice with a cut and bloody lip, bloody nose, bloody scars all over his face, and red eyes. He was surprised to see Jongin standing in front of the mirrors. He seriously was surprised and excited to be partnered with him, but he couldn't show it on his face. He was in too much pain to show anything besides showing that he was in pain, of course. He tried limping to the front of the room, hands against the walls for support, but failed miserably. He couldn't feel his legs nor balls, and his sides ached.

Jongin and the instructor, Joey Kang, stared at Sehun, agape. They couldn't believe what they were seeing.

"S-Sehun?" Jongin was the first to say.

"Jesus Christ, what happened to you?" Joey Kang dropped all his paper files and rushed over to aid Sehun.

Sehun could barely talk. He couldn't feel his face and his mouth was numb. "I fell."

"No, seriously." Joey grabbed him by the shoulders. "What happened to you?"

"I got in a fight." Sehun said, sounding annoyed. He wanted to lay down. He didn't feel so good.

"With who?"

Sehun kept quiet. As much as he hated Luhan right now, he wasn't going to snitch even though Luhan would probably snitch on him. Actually, there was no probably. Sehun had no doubt about Luhan snitching on him. He was now numb not only in the mouth, legs, and balls but his whole body, too. He could feel his heart beating unusually fast and he was having some difficulty breathing. Joey took his eyes off him for a quick second and as he turned back around, Sehun was no longer standing. He was on the floor, unconscious.

Part 2 (Coming Soon)
Part 3 (Coming Soon)

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